CsPG3pbXgAAbnoA.jpgSometimes life is more bizarre than any fiction i can come up with. We dirty metalheads cannot get elected right? Turns out that's exactly what has happened to Ferniz from Darkthrone. 


They asked him to be on the list for public office in smalltown Kolbotn in southern Norway. Reluctantly Ferniz accepted and descided to wage campaign with 1 picture from himself with his cat. The captopn said "dont vote for me please". Politics is a game of popularity. And Ferniz is immensly popular due to his band Darkthrone. 

In an interview with music-news website CLRVYNT he explains how they came to him and how he got elected. “But people just went nuts,” he told CLRVYNT. “After the election, the boss called me and told me I was a representative. I wasn’t too pleased.

But he cannot get out of the situation. Once you get elected, you need to stay there for 4 years. Even if Ferniz is only acting as a backup, he still needs to attend every now and then. 



source: time.com

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