pearl-jam-voodoo-music-festival-2013-650-430.jpgAs metalheads,hardrockers, goth people and the like, we take care of eachother. Thats the message we support here at Darkview. So does Pearl jam. Eddy Vedder paused a show mid song to call out a man harassing a woman. 

The band was playing a gig in Wrigley Field, Chicago at 22/8 when Eddy spotted a guy behaving agressively towards a woman.  In the middle of 'Lukin' he shut down the show. "Hey, hey mister.... yes you there. Get your finger out of that woman's face."  "All fingers are pointing towards you mister, comon clear out mister" At which he instructed security to pick him up and escort him out of the venue. After which he made sure the woman was ok. 

The public obviously supported Eddy in this action and he earned much respect for this from anyone. We also want to emphasize this message even futher. Our metal subculture and the world in extension revolves around respect. Respect for everyone and for everything. Keep it up Eddy! 


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