toxicwastefest.jpgToxic Waste Fest is just holding its 3rd edition. And the festival in Mechelen is drawing heavy on local bands to support them.


The local scene is very important. And the people behind TWF know it. This scene of extremely small bands is vital for our metal entertainment. That's why they are giving them a regular stage.

For Toxic Waste Fest III they have managed to grab the following bands

IRON CURTAIN (heavy metal)
This headliner is from spain. They already played at a few European fests.

Space Chaser (thrash metal)
Skate metal thrashers from Germany!

Reproach (hardcore punk)
Skate punks from Overpelt.

Tracer (thrash metal)
A German Trashband. They are debuting this year!

Blizzen (speed metal)

Speed Queen (heavy metal)
They are the kids of rock n roll!

Turbowarrior of Steel(thrash metal)
This band is from a little Belgium area called "Westhoek"

Lethal Injury (thrash metal)
up and coming from Oostende.

Infantile (thrash metal)
Just releasing their demo!


The fun is sheduled on April 2nd and doors open at 9:00.
Prices at the door are 15 eur. 


Location: The befamed Kamikazeclub Mechelen, Douaneplein.

More info: websitefacebook

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