lemmyguitar.jpgA couple of you might have heard the big science news of this week. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) has formally approved the addition of 4 new chemical elements to the periodic table. Finally completing the 7th row of this important chart. What has this to do with metal you ask?


Well, today it became known that fans of the late Lemmy have started a petition to give a name to one of the new elements. Whether it is element 113, 115, 117 or 118. The petition has been registered on the website change.org and this link should take you directly to the petition page. Currently the number of signed stands just over 78 000 people and more adding every hour.  

The starters of the petition reason that Lemmy was a real force of nature. And the true essence of heavy metal. With a tongue in cheek reference to the musical world. The new name would be Lemmium to honor the passing of this metal legend and everything he has done for metal music. 

As a footnote concerning the new elements. The past 10 years they were discovered and researched intensively by Russian, American and Japanese scientists. And where in competition to claim the discovery. However, it is rumored that a Scientist named Bob Lazar has unveiled the existence of element 115 as early as in 1989. Also explaining more details about this mysterious element. Therefore some have suggested it to be named lazarium. 

Let the claim games begin. At least vote Lemmy will get one of them!

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