Spectrus.jpgSome say metal is a predominantly Western musical style but with Asian metal acts such as baby metal and Moi dix mois. And South american metal acts such as Soulfly and Ill Nino. We know it is a worldwide phenomenon. Not only that but it is multicultural and ascends religions too! 


Today we learned of Gisele Marie. A 42year old guitarist of the Brazilian death metal band Spectrus. With her pink polka dot Gibson and her burqa, she does not look like the average metalhead. After the death of her father in 2009 she converted to Islam. She holds the burqa as a sign of faith while she performs on stage. This is not appreciated by all attending people. But she sees it as a symbol of tolerance. Even if the lyrical themes they touch are a bit diabolical it does not contract her beliefs. The band is composed of much more religious beliefs such as Umbanda, Catholicism, spirituality.... Every faith is accepted. 

To some people this is extremely controversial, but this is a lighting example that music truly is an universal language. And that people from various backgrounds do can create something we all like. 

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