saille.pngBelgian metal pride Saille has announced that singer Dennie has left the band. Saille has announced so on their facebook page. 

Singer Dennie has not been happy for a while with certain aspects and things surrounding the bands ongoings. So he took a long weighted decision to leave the band. Before introducing the new lead singer & frontman, Saille wants to thank Dennie for 6 years of metal mayhem together.  He made 3 full albums with the band and the most recent one "Gnosis" was released this year. Who will fill Dennie's place will be announced later. They played their last gig on last weekend's Antwerp Metal Fest

More of course on their Facebook page

Update: As we broke the story in Belgium, more magazines have picked it up. By now we also know the name from the new singer. 
Saille has published the news on their facebook page:

"Extremely proud to introduce to you the new frontman of Saille, going by the name of Xavier De Schuyter. During his many years of experience he built up a truly massive voice and he definitely knows how to perform screams and deep grunts. On top of that, Xavier will also bring back the occasional powerful clean vocals we lost when Jonathan left the band. He is an awesome person and his musical and instrumental knowledge will add to the compositions. His first gig will be next week, on the 21st of July,in Czech Republic."

Xavier De Schuyter has announced his role too on his profile. 

"As of today, I am officially a member of Belgian Black Metal merauders SAILLE.

After years of drifting from band to band, I feel like I am finally where I want to be, surrounded by highly productive individuals with a talent and drive that has earned them renown throughout Europe. Getting to work with my good friend Reinier Schenk, after all this time, is an added and much valued bonus.

I look forward to giving the band the very best of what I have to offer in terms of vocals, lyrics, musical ideas and effort. I can’t wait to get on stage and deliver the darkly powerful performance that I have been irking to give ever since I started down this road some twenty years ago.

See you all on tour with Nocte Obducta and The Vision Bleak!"


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