RARTwitterEvacuate.pngOn the third of June, the German festival Rock Am Ring was being evacuated due to a suspicion of a terrorism threat. Rammstein was about to play, when the festival announced the news to 90.000 people. Luckily, everybody staid calm during the evacuation. 

The festival said it would decide weather it would continue or not. The next day at 11 AM, the organization decided that the venue was safe and that the festival could continue. They would have caught 2 suspicious people who might have something to do with the treat. Those 2 would have put something on the festival grounds that might be dangerous. The police searched the whole terrain, but didn’t find anything. The treat was released and nothing bad happened during the rest of the festival.


Of course we can always count on the support of friends we know and don’t know yet. As people left the festival, they were singing ‘You Never Walk Alone’. Talk about unity.



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