stargottalent.pngWe all love or hate all those countless talent shows. There is X factor, The Voice, The voice Kids and there's Got Talent.
And they've just discovered a big talent in Spain's 2016 show. 


Now i can hear you think. Why would this piece of random news be shared on Darkview? We are a dark Musical lifestyle magazine. And this woman used Highway To Hell as a audition song.Metal being used in any situation always pique's our interest.  Aside from that she has a beautifull soprano voice and an incredible vocal range. Just watch the video and enjoy it:

Needless to say the judges where completely blown away with this performance. She recieved the golden buzzer for it. Wich means in this show, she goes straight to the semi-finals. The show is still going on so lets see how she performs

By the way, this is not the first time an X got talent show had auditioners who performed metal. Check out an 2012 article of us when we where still writing in Dutch. If you dont understand Dutch, you simply can watch the video. Its immediatly clear why we liked the video. 

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