thecure.jpgThe legendary The Cure has been asked by the venue itself to reopen Bataclan. 

 We all still have the horror imprinted in our memory and on our retina's. The terror hit on the musical venue send massive shockwaves trough Europe and the alternative musical world in particular. Since the terror on November 13th the musical venue remained shut. Nobody knew what was going to become. Until now, it became known that the owners themselves have asked for the legendary The Cure to kick off the opening. This is planned to happen a year and a day after the hit. 

This would make the circle round in a weird way. As the band performed the very first time in this same Bataclan in 1979. Even though they have not confirmed anything yet. The band around Robert Smith is in the area around 14 November. 

As a sidenote on this news. It also became known Metallica is releasing a live album of their 2003 show in Bataclan. The album will contain 9 songs of that show, mostly from the St Anger album released that same year. Sales from this album will be given to help the survivors of the terror.

Release is sheduled on April 16th. The same day as Record Store Day. 


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