As everyone is waking up today, and read their morning newspapers with a pint of beer or his morning coffee. We have all seen the Paris terror hits of last night. And we are all saddend by this unnecessary violence. 8 targets where hit, one of them being a concert gathering of our fellow metalfriends for Eagles of Death Metal. This is a very sad day for the metalscene and for the French people in general.

Much rumours, fake and unfounded stories are all flying across the internet.  Right now we just need to think of the innocent victims who died in this tragedy. We need to bond together and spread positive thinking. Help eachother out and just take care and watch over your fellow people.  Rest in peace


Peace Love and Fuck terrorism!




update: All the crew and the members of Eagles of Death Metal are safe and accounted for. According to a statement on the band's facebook page.

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