6872286-landscape.jpgI chose this picture because right now Europe feels like some African savanne. It is incredible hot, almost extreme. Temps have been going comfortably past 30° in most parts of Europe for almost a week. And there are even more hot days to come. 

So lets get that forecast out of the way. We are no weather service. Instead, lets wonder how the hell we can keep ourselves cool as gothic people and metal heads. Because there is no worse color than black in this weather. 

First things first. On festivals, please show some common sense and drink less beer and more water. I know i will get punched for this, as we all love the liquid. But lets face it, alcohol dehydrates your body significantly. On Graspop past weekend i saw many people being carried off who have simply collapsed from the heat. Please drink more water, it wont do your image any good but will help you see more bands and party longer. I guarantee that. 


More ways of sun protection include opening up those Arafat scarfs and dressing them over your head. Use caps, hats, sombrero's and towels. I've seen them all and those are smart moves. If your standing in the sun all day, might as well do some damage control to prevent you from going lobster. Don't be that guy where the skin was so red a tomato looked pale. you'll be in massive pain that same evening. 


So, now that we got the festival-people covered. Lets compile a summary from the articles we've previously done while we still wrote in dutch years ago. There are some neat household tips in there to keep your house cool. The best one, reuse an empty spray bottle(sorta the type like Airwick with no gas). Clean it out if empty, then fill with water and put it in your fridge. You'll be having icecold water to spray on your face & body whenever you want. Its also great for pets, mine love it!
Beside that there are more:

-eat lots of fruit, it cools you down and hydrates you.
-Lots of cold drinks but no alcohol.
-If you want to cool down quickly, soak a washcloth in water and put it on the back of your neck. 
-try to limit spiced food. It heats up your body.
-try to live your day like the Mediterranean people. Be active in the morning and evening, hold a siesta during the hot noon. 
-close your curtains & windows after 10:00 to keep your house cool. 
-Open windows in the morning and evening
-best way, buy some sun blocking foil for south oriented windows. They often block 90% of all heat from coming in. 

Other than that, use your common sense, you should be fine


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