Read more ... From his balcony in sunny Thessaloniki a joyful Johan Edlund answers our questions on the new Tiamat record ‘The Scarred People’, which has just been released by their new label Napalm Records.

Read more ... After a process as long and painstaking as the music itself,  Funeralium has finally released their second work, the double album ‘Deceived Idealism’, an occurrence Jonathan Théry  is more than willing to share with us.

Read more ... Tussen de regenbuien door zit ik  in het gezellige AB café te Brussel aan tafel met Dani Filth, frontman van de enfants terribles van de Britse black metal Cradle of Filth. Aanleiding voor onze babbel is hun tiende plaat, ‘The Manticore and Other Horrors’.

Read more ... Only a few months ago Century Mredia released the early works of the Swedish death metal troops known as  Evocation. The band themselves, however were in the mean while working on new material for their fourth album, ‘Illusions of Grandeur’. Guitar  shredder Vesa Kenttäkumpu brings us up to date.

Read more ... The most unusual release to land on this webpage this year, is without a doupt Sabbath assembly’s sophomore effort, ‘Ye Are Gods’, a strange brew of gospel, psychedelic rock and the occult. Randall Dunn, whom some of you may know as the producer for Sunn o)),  shares his vision.

 Read more ...Naar aanleiding van hun nieuwste plaat’ A Map to All Our Failures'kreeg Darkview de kans om My Dying Bride persoonlijk te interviewen. Zo’n opportuniteit om een praatje te slaan met de ongeslagen grootmeesters van de deathdoom laten we natuurlijk niet liggen” Dus trok ondergetekende op een zonnige septembervoormiddag naar het gezellige AB café in Brussel.

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