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Holy Grail just released their fourth album in 4 years. And being this productive as heavy metal stars. We thought they would have time and energy left to do a little interview with our magazine. Yet only Luna was able to free some time.

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The Sorrow is a Melodic metalcore band from Austria. And we have just reviewed their newest release. Therefore we wanted to ask some questions.

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To put the newly released album in the spotlight we asked an audience with supreme lord and vocalist Dany all. He was fortunately very happy to grant our request. But we are of course burning with questions. And all of them got answered!

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oud-Asphyxgitarist Eric Daniels om samen met z’n oude bandmakkers, Martin van Drunen en Bob Bagchus, opnieuw een ouderwets doom death project uit de grond te stampen, een ode aan de vervlogen tijden van de de jaren negentig. De Grand Supreme Blood Court ging in sessie.

Read more ... Enkele uurtjes voor  de band de bühne op moet in de Antwerpse Trix, strikten we de goed geluimde frontman, Fernando Ribeiro en drummer Miguel Gaspar nog snel even voor een gesprekje backstage.

Read more ... After a sabbatical that was extended over several years,  Magnus Pelander’s vintage rock act Witchcraft has  finally concocted a new brew that sees them take a turn for the heavier side.  Mr. Pelander himself is notoriously interview shy, but we did manage to get a hold of long time bass player, Ola Henriksson.

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