Read more ... The Milanese ensemble Camerata Mediolanense was one of the most interesting musical discovered I made this year, so we at Darkview did not want to pass up the opportunity to learn a bit more about them. Elena Previdi takes us deep into their unique blend of baroque and darkwave.

Read more ... A month from now you’ll be able to see her perform in Ghent and Tilburg, but in the mean time we got hold of Chelsea Wolfe to talk about pain and beauty.

Read more ... Albion has a special place in its heart for grandiose doom being the home to Cathedral, Solstice or the Peaceville three just to name a few. The 2 man band Dea Marica fits neatly in that rich tradition.  Riccardo Veronese talks about their second album ‘Curse of the  Haunted’.

Read more ... Matt Barlow, may have left Iced Earth , but that doesn’t meaning h’s been sitting around, doing nothing. He got to work straight away with his former colleague Freddie Vidales and Nevermore’s Van Williams to form a new project called Ashes of Ares. Their debut is out right now on Nuclear Blast.

Read more ... In case you missed them a couple weeks back at the Lokerse Feesten or any of the other festival or if you simplty want to relive the Sabaton experience, the sweet Swedes have just released a lavish DVD set. Bass player Pär Sundström talks about their most exuberant show ever.

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