After a long hiatus spanning more than a decade UK doom veterans Solstice,are finally back with a new EP.  Paul Kearns, the friendly Irishman behind the mic, talk about about their long overdue return.

Read more ... “Ye Are Gods” was one of the weirdest albums I ‘d heard that year, yet its sacral hymns were also strangely alluring. with no small degree of anticipation I awaited the follow up ‘Quaternity’, but first I wanted to go back to their performance on Roadburn.

Read more ... Makoto Fujishima not only runs the highly respected, Japanese dooml abel Weird Truth Productions , he is also deeply involved in his own musical project, Funeral Month that has delivered some of the heaviest extreme funeral doom ever to come out of the land of the Rising Sun on their debut ‘Dense Fog’

Read more ... Seamlessly shifting between drone doom, death and back ,England’s Abyssal seemed to come out of nowhere with ‘Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius’ as one of the most intriguing extreme metal releases that have graced this year already.  Although the band itself remains shrouded in mystery, they were all too eager to share their thoughts on the music.

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