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Skalmold came to Antwerp to the legendary Trix. And we found a hole in their agenda to have a little chat with these amazing guy's. They agreed to an interview a few hours before they went onstage. 

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Myrkur is a Danish black metal solo project that melds the woodsy black metal of Agalloch or ancient Ulver with Nordic folk music, oddly reminiscent of the Third and the Mortal on theirself titled debut. Not much is known about this mysterious artist, so we tried to get some answers from the woman behind this music, Amalie Bruun to see if we could shed some light on the darkness.

Read more ...When Mikael Akerfeldt said farewell to his buddies in Bloodbath again, Jonas Renske and Anders Nystrom had to look for an new vocalist, which they found in the frontman of their all time favourite band, Paradise Lost: Nick Holmes. The new album ‘Grand Morbid Funeral’ is the first outcome of this remarkablecollaboration.

Read more ... After 25 years While Heaven Wept is still going strong. Since they signed to Nuclear Blast with their previous album ‘Fear of Infinity’, their cosmically scaled epics also managed to reach a wider audience.  Mastermind Tom Philips talks about their newest album , ‘Suspended at Aphelion’, a bold endeavor divided in 11 chapters.

Read more ... After our chat with the lovely Michelle Nocon on her involvement with her new band Death Penalty, we also jumped at the opportunity to hear what master of riffage Gaz Jennings had to say about about life after Cathedral.

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