The Japanese label Weird Truth has a knack for finding obscure, but original doom metal. Amongst others they’ve released albums for Profetus, Funeralium and Mournful Congregation. Once and a while they don’t need to like so far like in the superb Funeral Moth or on their latest discovery Lifeblood. Darkview tried to find out what runs through the veins of this newcomers.

What sparked your interest in doom metal?

When I talk about things which let me be interested in doom metal, I have to mention Mournful Congregation and Funeral Moth’s Japan tour in 2010.

I’ve been haunted by a tense atmosphere and slowness in doom metal since I watched their live show in Tokyo.


How did you guys form the band?

I wanted to form a new band which plays music like a mix of depressive black metal, doom metal, and put all of my background into a new band.

When I was looking for a bass player to form a new band, I got to know with Yusuke Akitaya at one club.

At that time, he also searched for a new band to join.

It seems that he understood the concept of new band soon, so we decided to form a new band, “Lifeblood”.

At the moment, our drummer is a supporting member. He is one of my old friends.


Your guitar sound reminds me a bit of the classic acts like Tiamat who were very influential during the nineties? Is that something you coul   agree on?

I agree that I’m influenced by the classic acts, especially the 90’s musicians. But I’m sorry that I haven’t listened to Tiamat.

In the 90s, I often listened to hard rock, authentic heavy metal.


How would you describe what Lifeblood is about in your own words?

I love to drink with listening to my favorite music. Perhaps those are my lifeblood.

And I always want to play music which I want to listen to. So I named this band “Lifeblood”.


Is this your first professional record or have you been involved in other bands before?

My first record was “Akumu” by Sungoddess.

The band plays symphonic black metal. I still sing and play the guitars in Sungoddess.


Would you describe your music as based on negative emotions or rather an attempt to reach a more positive state of mind like a musical catharsis?

My music is based on negative emotions, especially nothingness.

Throes of creation and joy when I complete good song let me realize I’m alive.


Are there many chances for you to perform live?

Not so many. But fortunately, we have chances to perform live about once a month around Tokyo.

I hope to perform more live outside of Tokyo, in other countries.


How did you get in touch with Weird Truth?

Mr. Fujishima of Weird Truth and I have known each other for several years.

One of common friends told me that he was interested to release our record.

Thankfully, “Shattered Wishes” was completed with his full cooperation.


What are your plans and aspirations with the band?

First, I would like to tour in Japan in the near future.

And when it will have gone well, I want to play live in foreign countries

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