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Summoning are an epic black metal band from Austria, formed in 1993 by Silenius and Protector.

They released 7 full albums, 2 EP's and a few old Demo's so far and they produce epic, atmospheric, dark and beautiful black metal using lots of synths, drums and guitars.

Their music is fully based on the stories in the world of Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, etc ...).

The epic black metal music they produce is used to dream away or transcedent to the magical "Middle-earth" at home; they never played live and never will be, simply because their music doesn't fit to play live.
They like to focus 100% on production, rather than a live performance.

Other bands they're associated with and active in are: Die Verbannten Kinder Evas, Kreuzweg Ost, Ice Ages, Pazuzu, Abigor and Amestigon.

Summoning's latest full album "Old Mornings Dawn" was released in 2013, and this is the very first interview about a new upcoming album they do, exclusively for Darkview :

First of all, how are you doing in Austria ?

Protector :
Thanks i am fine, after being unemployed for some months, i finally found a job as programmer and feel fine there.

Silenius :
Beside that, we are working already for a new album. Everything started a year ago, when we looked through the remaining riffs from the last "Old Mornings Dawn" session. We still had some unfinished songs and a few isolated riffs remaining.

We took them and composed new music around them or took the riffs and added it to new material. At the moment we finished the recording session, but it will still take some time to finish the whole album, because we have to work out a lyrical concept and add the guitar lines to the music.
What we can say is that two songs are dealing with the "Akallabêth"; the first song refers to "Ar-pharazôn". This is a long instrumental song and will be used instead of the usual intro song that was a kind of tradition for all our albums 'till now.
The second song deals with the downfall of the "Númenor".

This is the information we have at the moment, everything else is still in process.


The latest album "Old Mornings Dawn" was a truely amazing masterpiece. We also heard the alternative "Old Mornings Dusk" and "Redhorn", but are there more tracks from the album in that style that are still planned for a future release ? Or does that belong to personal archives ? Or material for an album in the future ?

Silenius :
As far as we can say now, a lot of the new songs have more similarity with the "Oath Bound' tracks; that means there is less melancholy and depression feelings around, and more this epic "onward into battle" mood.

Protector :
The new album contains more polyphonic melodies and therefore loses the feeling of "Oath Bound", but it keeps the sound of "Old Mornings Dawn" (like the deeper guitars and the clearer sound). The reason for that is that this time the gap between the last album and the future one is not as big as it was between "Oath Bound" and "Old Mornings Dawn". The guitar riffs/melodies will be close to the last one.

The "Oath Bound" album sounds more epic heroic (my personal favorite album by the way), whilst "Old Mornings Dawn" sounds more melancholic. Can you maybe give a hint to the fans if the next album will me more in the heroic style (like "Oath Bound" or "Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame"), or in the same tradition as "Old Mornings Dawn" in the future ?

Silenius :
As we answered in the last question, it will be a link between both worlds.
That means concerning the sound it will be close to the last one, concerning the melodies it will be more similar to releases like "Oath Bound" or "Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame", but ofcourse final statements we can only give when everything is done.

Have you ever considered a full album involving only ambient sounds (no guitars; only synth and drums) like on the wonderfull "Lost Tapes" EP ? Like "Arcenstone" or "Saruman" ?

Silenius :
No there won't be a full album without guitars again. But what we will create in the future are different songs, not only intros, but also instrumental tracks like we had on "Minas Morgul" or "Dol Guldur" which will be in the ambient style. For the next release we only have this long instrumental track, with guitars but without vocals as a kind of intro replacement.


Are there any future plans for "Die Verbannten Kinder Evas", "Kreuzweg Ost" or "Ice Ages" ?

Protector :
I know that since some years, i always say that a new "Ice Ages" is about to be released, but because of some reasons this never happens.

The main reason why this did not happen was the work for Summoning.

Anyway, i have some song fragment for "Ice Ages", but can not say when i continue to work on them. In contrary to that, i have no plans to continue "Die Verbannten Kinder Evas" so far.

Silenius :
I want to do at least one more "Kreuzweg Ost" album in the future, but in the moment no new material was composed, because in the last years i was not only busy with Summoning, but also busy doing volcals for "Abigor" and "Amestigon".

What are your favorite movies or video games except "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" ?

Silenius :
First of all, we are no gamers. And concerning movies: i am watching a lot of cheap fantasy movies lately. Also to find some sound samples which we could use for Summoning. Yesterday for example i watched the Russian movie "Count of the Demons"; a mixture between "Sleepy Hollow" and "Van Helsing", but not too bad.

Tomorrow i will watch the "Seventh Son" fantasy movie; i heard it's also not very good; a little bit compared to the "Eragon" movie. So we wil see...
Nevertheless i like trash movies. Some weeks ago for example i bought this old Italian trash barbarian movie "Conquest" by Lucio Fulci. It's complete shit ofcourse, but it has a kind of nostalgic charm.

Will there come any live performances in the future with "Ice Ages" or "Die Verbannten Kinder Evas" ?

Protector :
No, i have no plans for any more live performances. I never considered any of my bands as a live band, but sometimes made some exceptions to perform live, but now i am simply too busy for that. I prefer to use my time to work on albums.

What bands or albums have you been listening to lately ? Or from which bands are you big fan ?

Silenius :
While we are doing our new album now, we are listening to a dark ambient band called "Paranoia Inducta".

All in all i still buy a lot of completely unknown bands from labels like "Cold Spring Records" or "Steinklang Industries". A lot of these bands have only releases of a few hundred copies, so i think it does not make sense to name a lot of these bands because no one knows them.

Silenius & Protector :

Thanks for the interview and up the hammers to our fans.
By the way: This interview is the first we do, after a half a year of silence.

Me and Darkview would like to thank you very much for the interview. Please keep on producing the most wonderfully amazing beautiful epic black metal music...

Bert Van den Bogaert from Darkview.


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