Myrkur is a Danish black metal solo project that melds the woodsy black metal of Agalloch or ancient Ulver with Nordic folk music, oddly reminiscent of the Third and the Mortal on theirself titled debut. Not much is known about this mysterious artist, so we tried to get some answers from the woman behind this music, Amalie Bruun to see if we could shed some light on the darkness.

“Myrkur” is the Icelandic word for darkness. What does darkness mean to you?

I prefer darkness, I grew up in a place where we used to joke that we have '11 months of November". It is dark and rainy, snowy, gloomy, foggy but not in a sad or empty way. 

Did you envision Myrkur as a so project because the music it too personal for it to be composed or played by anyone else or what motivated you to do it all by yourself?

I don't really think about it, I just do it. I have since i was a child played and written music alone, with the exception of playing in a symphony orchestra when I played violin. So I started to write little piano pieces inspired by nordic folk music and Norse mythology + choral arrangements by myself and slowly that turned into Myrkur. 

I was struck by the way you described the cathartic effects that the black metal screams have on you. I think you described it as physically hurtful when it leaves your body. An experience that you can’t remember afterwards.

Good I am glad that struck you. Screaming is a beautiful thing. 

The calm moments remind me a lot of Kari Rueslaten’s music the Third and the Mortal. Were they an inspiration to you?

I do not know this person, so no. 

If I may quote you once again. You said that nature is one of the main reasons black metal even exists. Would you care to elaborate on that?

I believe that our nordic culture and mythology is deeply rooted in nature and worship of it. Besides honoring that, I also feel that black metal reflects the harshness and beauty of our nature, frozen guitar sounds, aggressive explosive blast beats, the lyrics quite often involve the Icelandic sagas etc. 

What does black metal as a pure art form signify to you? 

It is stripped of the usual worthless shit that most many other things are about in music today. It is not for everyone and it does not try to be. It is rooted in pagan Europe, a culture that is being overlooked and crushed on a daily basis. 

The serene moments and the raging black metal parts are almost like Ying and Yang. Do you find the same duality within yourself and your surroundings?

Yes except I would't call it Yin and Yang. Those are believe to make up a whole. I do not feel like a 'whole' person. I do not feel like one with my surroundings, except the few times where I can be exactly where I want to be, in peace from what I do not wish to see or hear. 

Will Myrkur remain purely a studio project for you or would you consider bringing in some session musicians to perform your songs on stage?

I want to play live concerts at the right setting and I will most likely bring some of my friends who play black metal as well as a choir, preferably a Norwegian girls choir. 




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