When Paul Allender left Cradle of Filth, we knew it wouldn’ t be long before we’d  hear something from him again. Here he is now full of refueled inspiration and enthusiasm for his new band White Empress, who  are soon to release their debut album ‘Rise of the Empress’ on Peaceville.


How’s life in the US befalling you compared to rainy Britain?

Its great, honestly the best move I have ever made. Where I live I get all four seasons, winter is the best here, love the 4ft snow drifts etc lol


What prompted you departure from Cradle last year?

It got really boring for me, there was no vision to do something different, the rebel attitude the band use to have disappeared and the band wasn't progressing like it should so I decided to change my band and move onto White Empress full time. For me I prefer to put 100% into something  that has potential to grow. Empress has this rebel attitude and its fucking awesome.


Did you plan to move away from composing music for a while or was it clear you just wanted a fresh start?

Ive never moved away from composing, just countries lol The reason why Empress started was because my former band was meant to have taken a break, but that didn't happen. So I was working on Empress in my spare time before I left and then I decided to make it full time.


Was it clear from the start what you wanted to do? Did you specifically look for a versatile female vocalist who could do the clean singing as well as the growls or id it all just happen to fall into place?

Yes it was totally clear. I had a very specific idea in mind how I wanted this to sound and what the vocals needed to be like. I wanted a singer who could do all kinds of styles, from death vox to thrash to opera to rock singing. Its effortless working with Mary, I can write material with vox ideas in mind, talk to her what style needs to go where to capture the atmosphere and feeling of the track, a luxury I have never had in a band before.


Who came up with the name White Empress?

I did, I wanted to come up with a name that had nothing to do with my past and something that wasn’t typical of the usual boring shite around now.

How did Chela Harper, from Coal Chamber, join the band?

I went through about four bass players trying to find the right person for the job, I needed someone who could groove with the guitars and drums but not copy the guitar riffs, the bass had to stand out on it own. Mary suggested talking to Chela for the bass position, I spoke with her for a while only to find out she wanted to be in a band that has growing potential and she loved White Empress.

Where do you see the biggest difference between Empress and what you did before with Cradle?

Attitude in White Empress music and its members, were not a radio single band at all. The way the music is written and the way everyone interacts together is awesome. Theres no egos or selfishness. Everyone in Empress is driving forwards and all the members have the same vision in mind, its a breath of fucking fresh air to be honest and I wouldn't change it for anything. This is my calling and it shows.

Will you be touring in Europe as you’re all based in the US?

Yes, we want to tour as much as we can worldwide. Empress was formed with live in mind. We have shows coming up in October here in the US, the main Halloween bash we are headlining is a two day event which attracts around 20,000 people so that is great exposure for us. Its going to be mental lol

Is there anything you want to add that you feel we haven’t covered yet?

Yes we have a video out that you need to check out  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41hXjPMgAGw plus we have a pledge Music campaign going on right now. http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/whiteempress There are a ton of pretty cool things fans can pledge for from pre order the album to us playing a private party or venue of your choice. Our album “Rise of the Empress” Is out 29th September worldwide so you can either pre order from pledge or get it in the shops.




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