SerpentinePathband.jpg When members of Unearthly Trance, Ramesses and Winter getto gether  to record something, you can be sure it will be one devastating piece of doom . More than enough reason for Darkview to seek outRyan Lipynsky of former Unearthly Trance fame about Serpentine Path’s second album ‘Emanations’.

What is the biggest difference between Unearthly Trance and Serpentine Path in your opinion?

Ryan Lipynsky: From my perspective the biggest difference is that in Unearthly Trance I played guitar and was the main songwriter and in Serpentine Path Tim is the main songwriter. UT was kind of an anything goes “doom” band as we experimented with multiple facets of sound and influences. Serpentine Path is basically a pummeling exercise in one realm of hellish doom. Haha Like a pub that ONLY serves Guinness.


Do you have a similar approach for songwriting?

Ryan Lipynsky: The approach is similar in the fact that Tim and I both write songs at home and demo our ideas then present them to the guys. It is different in the aspect that UT was a real live band and played shows and rehearsed all of the time. Serpentine Path is more of a recording project and the way we put things together was geared more toward recordings rather than playing live. UT had certain songs in our career where they were born out of jamming or by experiment. SP is bit more straight-forward and direct in terms of writing style.



Were you quite happy with how the previous album turned out or what did you try to do differently this time?

Ryan Lipynsky: I think we were all very satisfied with the last album and we were pleased with the reaction we got from it. Basically we just wanted to make things sound a little better and further improve what we did on the first album. We tried to integrate a few more elements most in the fact that Stephen was added as second guitar and I also played some guitar leads on “Emanations” which I did not do on the first album. I also changed my vocal approach to my more mid range “natural” screaming voice rather than the overtly death metal-ish approach I took on the debut.


How did you get Stephen Flam from Winter on board?

Ryan Lipynsky: The initial connection was through and old mutual friend of ours Ron Grimaldi from Long island. He knew the Winter guys from back in the day. Jay became friends with him through helping Winter out with some gear with a few live shows they did when they reunited in the NYC area. Stephen heard our first album and got to talking with Jay about playing second guitar and we of course all immediately thought it was a great idea.



With the previous album Tim Bagshaw was still active in Ramesses. What made Tim decide to concentrate fully on this band?

Ryan Lipynsky: The main reason was because Tim had decided to move from England to the United States in New Jersey. Once he moved, it became very evident that he wouldn’t be able to commute across the Atlantic to continue on with them. I think Ramesses did a tour or two without Tim and then eventually called it a day. I have no idea about any other reason besides logistics in terms of Tim and Ramesses ending. UT was always good friends with all of the Ramesses guys and that’s why when Tim came over here it made perfect sense to do something with him. I would also like to add that Unearthly Trance was also active when SP started. So this band was created as a project among friends and is still very much in that initial spirit.


Do you feel that artistically you’ve accomplished everything you had set out to do or what prompted the dissolution of both  Unearthly Trance and Ramesses?

Ryan Lipynsky: I think UT still had more to do but we were unfortunately unable to continue on as a productive band towards the end. I think we had a long run for 12 years and by the end of it, we were all a bit burnt out. But I can’t say I’m satisfied that UT is over. As for Ramesses, Adam went on to do 11 Paranoias and Mark is back with Electric Wizard, so I suppose all things happen for a reason!



How does it work out to work transcontinental? It does not leave much room for jamming together or does it?

Ryan Lipynsky: Tim lives in New Jersey and has for quite some time. It just means him taking the bus into Manhattan. We jammed quite a bit for the writing process and we also had a few songs on the new album that were fresh for the studio.


Any chance you’ll be performing on European shores anytime soon?

Ryan Lipynsky: Nothing planned for tours. We are more or less a recording project with the occasional show that may pop up. But one never knows what the future holds.



What’s with the snakes? You’re very fascinated by them or actually just really afraid of them?

Ryan Lipynsky: Both ahaha Snakes do kind of scare the shit out of me but they have this undeniable majestic power in the way they move. I am fascinated with snake worship through out religion and serpent symbolism through out the history of mankind. Vast and deep subject to explore.


Any final words?


Ryan Lipynsky: I hate the term supergroup haha. None of us wear capes. Thanks for the interview! Cheers!


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