altQuick on the hooves of last year’s‘The Hunt’ JB Christofferson and his merry men have already set out with a new album, in all modesty called ‘Triumph and Power’, which according to JB will conquer all.

It didn’t take you long to write the follow up to last year’s ‘The Hunt’?

 That’s right, we were fast! We wanted to keep up the momentum that we’ve built up, and the inspiration came on strong after the first initial struggle, which is always there, every time you start writing.

 I especially like the cover this time, it has this timeless feel to it and reminds me little bit of the illustrations you could find on  the adventure stories I used to read when I was a kid?

 Yes, the artwork turned out fantastic and really mirrors the music I think. Anthony Roberts who did the artwork is very talented and I think he understood what we were after 100 percent.

More so than ever, it really sounds like you’re telling a story in your singing, much in the way like Dio used to do?

Dio has always been a huge influence and I think the best music always tells a story. It has to have a meaning and not just be a string of words thrown together. Many things really fell into place on this record and that was one thing that I focused on in the writing. 

Is there indeed a central story to ‘Triumph and Power’?

It’s there and it’s up to the listener to find it!

 Listening to  the lyrics of for instance of opener ‘On Hooves of Gold” the theme is actually quite applicable to today’s state of the world rather than a story about Vikings?

 Absolutely. That’s the whole point, we use imagery and traditional Scandinavian philosophy and general outlook to comment on certain situations that exist today.

 How did the recording of the album go?

 It was hard work as usual, but like I said, things really fell into place early on. We knew that we were onto something really good this time.

 JB, you can now a proudly wear the title as “God Of Riffs”?

 Can I? Wow, I didn’t know that? I think I’ve been nominated, but I don’t think I won it, haha!

 You’ll be touring mainly the German speaking countries in January. Any chance we’ll see you in Belgium next year?

 I don’t know. There are no Belgian dates on the tour planned, but I think it would be really easy for us to come down and do a couple of gigs anyway. Please tell the Belgian promotors to get in touch with our management, and I’m sure we can make it happen!

Metal fans, the time of Triumph and Power has arrived!

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