The icelandic folks of Skàlmöld are still a relatively new face in the Viking metal world since 2009. Yet they already unleash their fourth album upon the world. Their creation is "Með_vættum" and is packed with only 8 songs.

It is clear that right from the start, they are people who like a straight approach. No intro, no warning, just honest metal. Skàlmöld shows us a sound wich we dont hear very often. Raw Islandic power in what i presume is their native Islandic language. Along with instruments no other band uses. 

This is wat sets them appart from all the other viking/folk/pagan metal bands. Usually you can hear the sound of continental Europe and the well known synths, accordeons and thinflutes. But clearly there is an active metalscene on this remote patch of Europe. 

Raw power combined with epic melodies. A combination of normal grunts and very high piched screams only adds an edge to this power. It is a bummer though you dont understand what exactly is sung. I had to find the translation of the song titles online in order to understand the album is heavily nature inspired. With 4 songs referencing to the seasons. 

 Með_vættum is a very strong and heavy album that combines the best Iceland has to offer. Sharp riffs and medolic folklore. This is a must if you are always searching for new sounds and am an avid folkmetal fan. It is a nice bonus for any metalhead because it can be uncompromising hard without the cliche folksounds. 


1.     "Að vori"       (In Spring)
2.     "Með fuglum"       (Among Birds)
3.     "Að sumri"       (In Summer)
4.     "Með drekum"       (Among Dragons)
5.     "Að hausti"       (In Fall)
6.     "Með jötnum"      ( Among Jötnar)
7.     "Að vetri"       (In Winter)
8.     "Með griðungum" 


Label: Napalm Records
Score: 7/10

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