Wow, that's a mouthful, but it was the official title of a fashion show that I participated in two weeks ago. Two friends and I drove the Netherlands to model for Rosie's Art and Monster Rose Jewellery.

The show was a part of Summer Darkness festival in Utrecht. I really liked the city and the festival so I am definately going again next year.



The show was divided in five runs of 5 or 6 models with dance performances in between each part. The dance performances especially those by Ludwika and Juul were of extreme high quality.

Each model had 2 or even 3 outfits. Mine were quite difficult to change because they both contained neck corsets and corsets that had to get laced. But I had the most awesome clothing assistent/stylist that did a great job to help me change.  We seriously kicked ass and got losts of positive comments, this was one of the biggest and best shows that I participated in untill now. I especially loved Monster Rose's jewellery inspired by animal bones, peacock feathers and beetle shields, Rosies army caps, the admiral and captain boleros made out of leather, the leather harnesess, corsets, the short blue dresses, the long ladylike gowns with hoopskirt and fur and the doll outfit in the ballerina act.


Pictures by Frank Wiersema



Ludwika, outfit by Jolien Rosanne.



My first outfit by Rosie, headdress by Monster Rose.



Outift by Rosie, peacock collar by Monster Rose.



Outfit by Rosie, wings by Monster Rose.



Outfit by Rosie, earrings and peacock fan by Monster Rose.



Outfit by Rosie, backbone by Monster Rose.


Rosie's creatinons are for sale on this website: Prices are very reasonable, so make sure to take a look.

Monster Rose jewellery is for sale: contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info. Prices are VERY reasonable. She also does custom orders.


And here is a video of the show, brought by Leyla Fashion Blog:

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