Gothic-fairytale-picknik.jpgPeople who like to dress up in their most beautiful clothes pay attention! The fantastic organisation Gothic-fairytalepicknick has new date for their pick nicks! Check it out!

First of all, what is the Gothic-fairytalepicknick I hear you thinking?! Personally, I do not know them, but a friend of mine; she likes to go to this. The group started in 2012 with organizing pick nicks and parties all over Flanders, although mostly it’s situated in or around Antwerp. A nice tough is that every time there is another theme.

The first one coming is Saturday 19th of March around 20 o’clock at “De Kleine Hedonist” Sint-Jacobsmarkt 34, 2000 Antwerp. ( Theme is the Gothic Fairytale Party 6: Snow White’s Revenge (the goth-father’s B-day). (The Goth-father is the organisator’s nickname.) On the program following items:

  • 20 u dj vampArt : electro(old and new) , ebm ( infected)
  • 30 u dj zwartzak : gothic , new wave and more (gfp)
  • 23 u dj ko-ën : dark electro , mediaeval and gfp favorits (gfp, limelight)
  • 01u dj gravelord : new wave , gothmetal and more

Second party is Sunday 22th of May around 12 o’clock (at noon) at the “Stadspark”, Quinten Matsyslei, Rubenslei, 2000 Antwerp. This edition is the 10th anniversary edition! (More info will follow I think, check the Facebook link! (

If this is not enough, you can go again on Sunday 31th of July at noon (12 o’clock) at the “Park Den Brandt”, Beukenlaan 12, 2018 Antwerp. The Gothic Fairytale picknick (11) the gathering ... where dark pixies and black wolves meet... Be prepared ;) (

The last one so far know is on Saturday 27th of August, again at “De Kleine Hedonist” Sint-Jacobsmarkt 34, 2000 Antwerp. Starting at 20 o’clock the dj’s will give you an fantastic evenening! Theme of the 7th party is The Dark Passion of Red Rinding Hood… (

And ssst, don’t say it to loud, but I’ve read that they will would like to hold there last picknick of 2016 in Gent ;). At this moment they are looking for places and a date! Needing more info? Check there site!

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