Read more ...The title of Bonehunters second full length album is pretty self-explanatory. The band makes Devil metal punk and that’s the power they slay the world with. Fast and simple riffs combined with the screams of lead singer ‘Satanarchist' makes this album a real, sexually overloaded, trash metal album. 

Read more ...A mysterious tone awakens. It opens the magical world you’re about to enter. The instrumental interlude ‘Prelude to Salvation’ sets the tone for the first album of the power metal band Tales of Gaia.

Read more ...Even though this is their debut album, the band sounds somewhat familiar. If that's a good or a bad thing, that’s for you to decide. It sounds like a band you can hang out and party with, even if you haven’t heard them before.

Read more ...‘Echoes’.. Surrounding sounds of clean guitar and, as the song title says, echoing sounds. You hear a voice that could be an instrument, or vice versa. A very trance state song that goes fluently into ‘Ghost’ that for the first seconds continues the theme of ‘Echoes’. Then the electric guitar and scream voice of lead singer Tobias Riche kicks in. ‘Can we start again’? 

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