Since their last album ‘Underworlds’ founding member Chris Ulsh from Power  Trip has rebuilt Mammoth Grinder with a a completely new lineup.

Mark Bronzino and Ryan Parish were both brought in from label mater Iron Reagan on bass and drums respectively. This new rhythm section doesn’t bring in as much hardcore as you might think, considering their pedigree. In fact, ‘Cosmic Crypt’ is about as close to old school Swedish death as they’re likely to get. Sure, it’s infused with a lot of old punk and Discharge dbeats but that’s where the likes of Entombed come from.  Standout track is the slightly sludgy ‘Human is Obsolete’.Outstanding new cover and logo as well!


1.      Grimmenstein

2.      Servant of the Most High

3.      Blazing Burst

4.      Divine Loss

5.      Molotov

6.      Superior Firepower

7.      Human is Obsolete

8.      Locusts Nest

9.      Mycticism

10.  Rotting Robes

11.  Cosmic Crypt


Label: Relapse



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