Progressive rock has always taken solid root in Holland’s fields.

Think for instance of Focus or Ayreon. Amongst those stalwarts you can also caunt Kayak who have just released their seventeenth album , aptly called ‘Seventeen’. They started out way back in 1972 a career that grew to great heights with ‘Phantom of the night’ as a particular highlight until the band split in 1982. At the beginning of the new century the band reformed to write several successful albums that showcased their more theatrical side. Their 35th anniversary unfortunately was overshadowed by the drummer Pim Kooman who had been with the band from the very beginning. This next year then sees the band setting sail once more with a whole new lineup around Ton Scherpenzeel, the only founding member left..He is joined by a rather remarkable set of musicians like veteran Collin Leijenaar who steps in for Kooman and Pain of Salvation’s Kristoffer Gildenlöw, both hving played in the Neal Morse band incidentally On vocals Scherpenzeel has found a more than adequate new teammate in Bart Schwertmann, formerly from Boulevard. ‘Seventeen’ continues Kayak’s theatrical, symphonic on take and leans at times even towards for instance the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Welcome back for one of prog’s enduring heralds.


1.      Somebody

2.      La Peregrina

3.      Falling

4.      Feathers and Tar

5.      Walk Through Fire

6.      Ripples on the Water

7.      All That I Want

8.      X Marks the Spot

9.      God on Our Side

10.  Love Sail Away

11.  Cracks

12.  To An End


Label: Inside Out






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