The Atomic Bitchwax was originally formed by Chris Kosnik and Ed Mundell from Monster Magnet.

Mundell was replaced early on by Finn Ryan.They were later joined by Magnet’s  skinbasher Bob Pantella while Kosnik himself returned the favor by joining them on bass. With the spacelords so at the center of their sound, it comes as no surprise that their fourth album, Force Field is yet again a celebration of psychedelic spacerock, vintage heavy rock from the seventies and a good measure of bonafide rock n’roll. Blasting through your speaker straight to outer space in a galaxy near you.



1.      Hippie Speedball

2.      Earth Shaker Which Doobie U Be

3.      Alaskan Thunder Fuck

4.      Shocker

5.      Crazy

6.      Fried Dyed and Layin to the Side

7.      Shell of a Man

8.      Houndstooth

9.      Tits and Bones

10.  Humble Brag

11.  Super Highway

12.  Liv a Little


Label: Tee Pee Records


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