Betontod is showing once again that anybody can do anything if they believe they can do it.

No matter if people think you can’t do it, no matter how many rocks you get thrown at you, if you know you can do it, you can do it. This live album shows the 1000th concert of Betontod playing in the Mitsubishi Electric Hall in Dusseldorf. Located in the bands home country: Germany. They have had a top 10 album, they played the biggest metalfestival in the world, Wacken, 2 times and are going to play it again on august 12, 2018. This band does not give up. This band shows power. Not only willpower, but also party power. You know, that power you feel when a band is playing on stage and they get everybody of the ground and losing track of time. That’s what this album sounds like. It is sung in German, but it doesn’t matter. You just feel it, even if you can’t understand the actual words.

Conclusion: This band won’t disappear, even if people would try to wipe the band off the map for some reason. They are like cockroaches, even if you think you got rid of them, they are still somewhere around you.

I know that I’m looking forward to their show at Wacken. You should come and check it out too.



01 Intro
02 Keine Popsongs
03 Flügel aus Stahl
04 Küss mich
05 Nacht im Ghetto
06 Generation X
07 Alles
08 Schwarzes Blut
09 Feuer frei!
10 Nebel
11 7 Schuss
12 Mein letzter Tag
13 Freiheit in Ketten
14 Kinder des Zorns
15 Dagegenstehen
16 Ihr könnt mich!
17 Halt mich
18 Traum von Freiheit
19 Glück auf
20 Ich nehme dich mit
21 Freunde
22 Viva Punk!
23 Im Himmel


Arising Empire





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