When vultures are around, you know something bad has happened or is about to happen. A cold sound rises form the intro that simulates the feeling the album title gives you: ‘Cold Like War’. Followed by a ‘tv that can’t find a signal’ sound. ‘I never found peace, but now I’m fighting a war’. 
The album cover shows the never ending story of violence in the world. A snake and a wolf, attacking each other in a circle. Both chasing each other, until one lies down forever.

An Album that does make you feel cold inside, like you’ve just witnessed the most horrible thing in your life. An album that talks about feelings. The feelings you feel when you can’t communicate with someone or even with yourself, the feelings you experience when something turnes out completely different than what it should have been. An album that weighs on you and leaves a mark.

We Came As Romans is a melodic metalcore band that always have a strong message in their album. This time, they’ve outdone themselves once again with a killer album. This album might even help you with the struggle with your own feelings, once you sit down and listen to it. 

Stunning and Beautiful.



01 Vultures With Clipped Wings

02 Cold Like War

03 Two Hands

04 Lost In The Moment

05 Foreign Fire

06 Wasted Age

07 Encoder

08 If There’s Nothing To See

09 Promise Me

10 Learning To Survive 



Sharptone Records











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