In the nineties the Netherlands has a vibrant doom death scene with bands like Officium Triste, The Gathering and Celestial Season.

River of  Souls brings back flashes of that nostalgic period. The cover even reminds me a little of the inner artwork on ‘Forever Scarlet Passion’, Celestial Season’s classic debut. The band was started in 2014 by Paul Beltman who wanted to make guitar oriented death doom without keyboards, with ‘Well of Urd’ being the culmination of that ambition.  Their deliberate omitting of any synths reminds me a little of German act Ophis while their at times proggy guitar leads also recall Albion’s The Prophecy. It’s not all doom’n gloom though, as the six songs that make up their first record tend to keep a steady mid tempo pace where needed to let the album flow fluently. The clean vocals might be a bit less steady, but ‘Well of Urd’ should be a treat for anyone with fond memories of those old days.


1. The Norn's Chant

2. Earthfather

3. Servitor

4. The Unbending One

5. Beneath The Well

6. Soilsorcerer


Label: Self Released




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