These Hextapes were originally only released digitally and on an extremely limited run of tapes, but Iron Bonehead has now conjured up a nice vinyl edition to accompany her upcoming tour.

Lisa Cuthbert is an unusual artist that has transformed her Celtic musical roots into something decidedly more frightening through the use of noisy minimalistic drones. Her bewitched doom folk draws references nowadays from likeminded musicians like Chelsea Wolfe, Myrkur or Darkher as if some demonic entity has truly taken over the endearing folk musician I remember playing Tori Amos like ballads on her piano at Castlefest a few years ago. Taking a similar stripped down, lo fi  approach as certain black metal artists like Xhasthur or Leviathan,  Lisa Cuthbert uses  very raw, DIY  methods to record her music like home recorded sounds of the winds or the rain beating against the window.  This does not only make her haunted songs sound even creepier, it adds a sense of sincerity and authenticity as if you’ve literally walked into the Blair Witch project.   


1.      The Killing Fields

2.      The Host Wants a Parasite

3.      Under the Stars

4.      Eye

5.      Will

6.      Effigy

7.      Pillar

8.      Hands Clean

Label: Iron Bonehead






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