CurrentsThePlaceIFeelSafest.jpgWow. This album stands as a tall and wide concrete wall on the floor. A wall that’s impossible to climb over or go around. You will have to face this wall. The wall will be in your way. There will be times when you can’t face the it, times when you don’t see any way around it. What do you do then?

Do you sit in front of the wall your whole life, or do you find a way through anyhow? That’s your choice. ‘The Place I Feel Safest’ is a really strong album. It’s about the struggles of life, some harder some smaller, but struggles that everyone can relate to. Struggles that EVERYONE can relate to… you’re not alone.
What is the place I feel safest? Or were is it? Is it the black hole we’re in, or is it the spark of light that we hold on to and pull ourselves up to? Currents tells story’s far away from the places they feel safest, but they assure you that you’ll find the place you feel safest if you don’t give up. 

Although it is a strong album, every song has the same vibe through it that you’ll hear throughout the album. That means that the songs are all very strongly composed, but also sound alike if you listen to the whole album at once.



01. Apnea
02. Tremor
03. Night Terrors
04. Delusion
05. Withered
06. Dreamer
07. Forget Me
08. The Place I Feel Safest 
09. Silence
10. Best Memory
11. Another Life
12. I'm Not Waiting
13. Shattered 

Label: Sharptone Records


Score: 8/10


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