FigureOfSixWelcomeToTheFreakShow.jpgAn album that takes you back to where people who were different were considered ‘freaks’. ‘Freaks’ that would be put into a circus or into some kind of jail. Let’s not be afraid to show that we’re freaks, that we’re different.

‘Welcome to the Freak Show’. An unique sound is being created by djent guitars, perfect grunts and harmonized voices. All of that shows that being unique is awesome and nothing to be afraid of. 
Definitely an album you want to listen to if you’re up for something new, with old influences. Grunts and harmonics are a well known combination, but Figure of Six knows a special formula to bring it. A formula that’s breath taking and just keeps you hooked to the album for the next hour. 



  1. Welcome to the Freakshow
  2. The Man in the Dark
  3. The Weak One
  4. Edward Mordrake
  5. The Tightrope Walker
  6. The Mirror’s Cage
  7. Monster
  8. The King and the Servant
  9. Clown
  10. But Deliver Us From Evil


Label: Bleeding Nose Records


Score: 9/10




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