This is the sound, the sound of C…

C as in Cellar Darling that is, the new band that arose after Anna Murphy along with drummer Merlin Sutter and axeman Ivo Henzi left Swiss pagan metal collective Eluveitie last year. In case you figured Murhpy and co would just continue where they left off with their previous band, you might be in for a surprise. Nor is there much truth in the notion that Anna might steer it into the avant-garde direction she has taken on some recent Prophecy Productions releases. In fact, Cellar Darling tries to eschew genre definitions as much as possible. Of course, the lovely front woman has an instantly recognizable voice, but even despite the lavish use of her trademark hurdy-gurdy, their debut is far removed from the Asterix and his merry Gauls in kilts type of frolicking that pagan metal is usually known for. It is a rather daring record that draws from a varied set of influences not only from the expected folk pool but as well from surprising sources as Tool or Gojira and has put a lot of effort in writing real songs that tell a tale.


1.      Avalanche

2.      Black Moon

3.      Challenge

4.      Hullaballoo

5.      Six Days

6.      The Hermit

7.      Water

8.      Fire Wind & Earth

9.      Rebels

10.  Under The Oak Tree

11.  High Above These Crowns

12.  Starcrusher

13.  Hedonia

14.  Redemption

Label: Nuclear Blast







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