‘Lords of Death’ is Temple of Void’s sophomore effort in the realms of death doom.

This outfit from Detroit has taken that album title quite seriously as the emphasis here clearly lies on death rather than doom compared to their debut, ‘Of Terror and the Supernatural’.  References to old Paradise Lost, Asphyx and, of course, Hooded Menace still abound obviously, but you’ll find more attention to meaty, old school mid tempo riffing au lieu of funereal dirges. You might also recognize Mike Tuff from the notorious Acid Witch behind the mic. In case you’re not fully convinced yet the eerie artwork from Paolo Girardi should provide you with the final incentive you’ll to bring you to the Void side. Hell’s Headbangers should be releasing it on vinyl also shortly, so be sure to hunt that one down.


1.      The Charnel Unearthing

2.      Wretched Banquet

3.      A Watery Internment

4.      The Hidden Fiend

5.      An Ominous Journey

6.      The Gift

7.      Graven Desires

8.      Deceiver in the Shadows

Label: Shadow Kingdom Records




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