As the title suggests, this is not a new record from Cad Dav’s brainchild, but rather a collection of old recordings that predate their self–titled debut.

The first 8 tracks are, in fact, the original demo recordings of what would later become that debut, right down to the track order. The second half of the album is comprised of two rehearsals.. from the first one  “Upon Black Wings We die” is the most interesting outtake, a tribute of sorts to the late Jason Mccash from the Gates of Slumber. The second one is the so called Candelmmess Eve recording where you’ll find Beaten Back to Pure’s Ben Hogg on vocals. Due to the lack of much truly new material, this compilation will most likely only appeal to diehard fans as such. Never the less these songs remain a prime example of quality occult doom.


1.      Call to Satan

2.      Submissive to Evil

3.      The Correlation

4.      Endurement to the Heirs of Shame

5.      Grim Reality

6.      Hex of Harm

7.      Allowance of Sin

8.      Missing Girl

9.      Call to Satan

10.  The rites of Samhain

11.  Upon black wings We Die

12.  The Gathering-Call to Satan

13.  Submissive to Evil

14.  Grim Reality


Label: Shadow Kingdom Records




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