After landing back safely on Earth following their space pirate adventure in ‘The Fatal Feast (Waste in Space)’, Waste & co have put the thrash into trash again on their new record ‘Slime & Punishment’.

5 years have passed in between that were mostly spent touring. In the mean while they’ve brought in Nick Poulos as second guitarist, which brings a lot of meat to their typical crossover punk and metal mishmash. Despite there being 14 songs on, ‘Slime & Punishment’, they all barely pass the 2 minute mark. In hardly half an hour the band has worked through its vitriolic set of tunes. Not wanting to overstay their welcome, these party crashers from Virginia pack S.O.D. style outbursts full of chunky, bangworthy riffs while Tony Feresta jumps about and yells his lungs out before the five of them need to get out through the backdoor and outrun the police for breaking the party metal parole again.


1. Breathe Grease

2. Enjoy the Night

3. Dingy Situations

4. Shrednecks

5. Poison the Preacher

6. Bourbon Discipline

7. Parole Violators

8. Slime and Punishment

9. Amateur Sketch

10. Excessive Celebration

11. Low Tolerance

12. Under the Waste Command

13. Death Proof

14. Think Fast

Label: Nuclear Blast















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