TrollfesT_Helluva-album-2017.pngTrollfest is a well known name in the folk-ish metal scene. So i am delighted their new release ended up on my desk. The new record is called Helluva and has just been released.

The funny thing is that their intro is called "This is just the intro" and lasts a whopping 2:21 minutes. Another remarkable thing is Helluva contains no less than 14 tracks inlcuding the intro. Most bands usually hoover around 9 tracks so this is quite outstanding. And all are full length songs, perhaps they just decided to use the disk more optimal or Trollfest just has an abundance of inspiration. In any case, this is a fun cd to listen to. Helluva is filled to the brim with extremely energetic songs and very good productions. Although you dont understand a single word of what they are screaming it still leaves the energy and sound intact.  You can say this is Finntroll jacked up on coffee, redbull and sugar. 

A real cracker is Trollachen, which is simply a bunch of trolls laughing their asses off. For me this is the height of Helluva. This came so unexpected that i spend the entire 2:51 just lauching myself silly. And i spend the hour after that just smiling very big. Awesome!

Further tracks include a gaggle of cackling henns and a ride on a fish. Helluva is just batshit crazy to listen to. And it is clear that that coffee-redbull was a little bit too strong. This album is by far the most entertaining release i have listened to this year. If you can handle crazyness just buy Helluva and have fun listening. I can guarantee you it will kickstart your morning and leave you in a good mood all day!


1. This Is Just The Intro
2. Professor Otto
3. Spelunking Sisters
4. Gigantic Cave
5. Steel Sarah
6. Trollachen
7. Hen of Hades
8. Reiten Mit Ein Fisch
9. Fräulein Helluva
10. Kabaret
11. La Grande Finale
12. What A Good Idea
13. Don Gnomo Vega
14. Sputnik

label: NoiseArt
Score: 8.5/10


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