The Monolith Deathcult is known for consistently failing to avoid controversial subjects, but they’ve outdone themselves this time by writing a record about the Nazi’s fascination with the occult.

In their own trademark sense of humor they’ve taken a rather tongue in cheek approach to this bizarre anecdote in WW II history. While they might not take themselves or their lyrics all too seriously, they are deadly serious about the music. Their hybrid of brutal technical death metal and electronic music is as precise and deadly as the T1000. Two of the songs are in fact new versions of older songs: “Seven Months of Mysticum” is a reworking that as the title suggests pays homage to the godfathers of industrial black and the closing “From the Stalinistic Perspective” is a kind of sequel to “The White Crematorium”. Versus I should be the first part of a trilogy although it is fair to say one can only guess what it will be about…


1. Rod Sterling’s Radio Drama ( intro)

2. The Furious Gods

3. Die Glocke

4. Seven Months of Mysticum

5. Uchronian March of the Deathcults

6. This Inhuman Place makes Human Monsters

7. From the Stalinistic Perspective

Label: Hammerheart






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