This is not just a rerelease of Stargazer’s third album, but rather a reinterpretation of this labyrinthine record.

As hinted at by the subtitle, Void of Voyce, sees the seven songs stripped of all vocals to fully expose the intricate compositions therein. While you’re likely to be more familiar with Damon Good and Danny Blake’s work on the magnificent funeral doom of Mournful Congregation, Stargazer revels in avant-garde death metal that holds no bounds for itself. With no vocals to distract you, it becomes apparent how cinematic ‘Boundless’ actually is. Like a musical score or a classical piece of music you’ll need to focus your ears and mind while listening, but it is definitely time well spent.  


1. Black Gammon,

2. Old Tea

3. An Earth Rides Its Endless Caroussel

4. Merging to the Boundless

5. The Grand Equalizer

6. Ride the Everglade of Reogniroro

7. Incense and Aeolian Chaos

Label: NWN


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