It’s not just Memoriam that is bringing together some dyed in the wool death metal veterans.

Dave Ingram has more than earned his stripes as the lead vocalist of both Bolt Thrower and Benediction in an incidental analogy to the aforementioned band around Karl Willets and more the equally war-obsessed Hail of  Bullets. On Ursinne he teamed up with Jonny Petersson , probably best known from Wombbath and also active on the hidden gem Henry Kane and Sonia Nusselder on bass. ‘Swim with the Leviathan’ is a collection of classic old school Swedeath metal with Ingram’s unmistakable throaty rasp. In an unusual twist they’ve also included 4 covers of a wide variety of  eighties  artists, ranging from Siouxsie and the Banshees to the Queens of the Stone Age. Hey  if Six Feet under can get away with cover albums, why shouldn’t these guys? Be sure to bring a copy to any festival you’re planning to camp at this summer. Headbanging fun guaranteed.


1. Devil May Care

2. I, Serpentine

3. Bullet Bitten (Written for, and dedicated to, the legendary Lemmy Kilmister)

4. The Chimes of Midnight

5. Crazy Horses (THE OSMONDS Cover ft. Count MoriVond from Danse dE Sade)

6. Talons

7. Underworld

8. Turning Japanese (THE VAPORS Cover also ft. Jonny Pettersson on vocals)

9. Hollow Hearse

10. Something Wicked This Way Comes (With acknowledgement to the great Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare.)

11. Monsters in the Parasol (Bonus Track ft. Kam Lee - QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Cover)

12. Spellbound (Bonus Track - SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES Cover)


Label: Transcending Obscurity




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