Bullet Height consists of the dynamic duo Sammi Doll  and Jon Courtney. 

Both are artists who originate from the UK, but at some point decided to relocate to Berlin where they met while they were in between bands and searching for a new musical direction. Thus the idea sprang forth to collaborate on a common project. The German city has always been a rich breeding ground for innovative, avant-garde art and this does show through on ‘Bullet Height’ as well. Essentially ‘no Atonement’ is an indie record built up from Doll on keys and Courtney on guitars, which lays a groundwork that is both feather light and heavy at the same time. Sharing vocal duties between the two of them, it allows them to veer from almost poppy duets over shoe-gaze all the way to NIN and back.



1. Fight Song

2. Bastion

3. Hold Together

4. Wild Words

5. Intravenous

6. Cadence

7. No Atonement

8. Break Our Hearts Down

9. Fever

10. Up to the Neck


Label: Superball Music








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