How do you make a heavy album without guitars?

Mastodon’s skin basher Brann Dailor found the answer when he got together with fellow Atlanta musicians Raheel Amlani and Core Atoms. Dailor sits firmly behind the drum kit and mic, but instead of Mastodon’s well know tsunami of massive riffing, Arcadea rides a virtual wave of vintage synths that recalls Hawkwind’s psychelica, 80s arcade games, new wave synth pop and Daft Punk all at once and takes it well beyond the borders of the solar system.



1.      Army of Electronics

2.      Gas Giant

3.      Rings of Saturn

4.     Neptune Moons

5.     Infinite End

6.     Electromagnetic

7.     Motion of Planets

8.     The Pull Of Invisible Strings

9.     Through the Eyes Of Pisces

10.       Worlds Can Go On

11.       Magnificent Facade

Label: Relapse





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