When asked to describe his own music,  Beastmaker’s main man Trevor Church compares it to an unholy child offspring between Black Sabbath and Danzig.

Now with Danzig currently not really producing his finest work in all honesty, that might be an exhilarating prospect. After paranoidly looking over my shoulder to double check Evil Elvis didn’t actually hear me say that, I must admit trevor and co quite successfully evoke images of old Hammer films and werewolves howling at the moon. Church still sounds like a dead ringer for a young Ozzy, backed by a plethora of heavy doom riffing. They also have a few interesting quest appearances in Nate from psychedelic stoners Salem’s Pot and the lovely blonde vixen,  Johanna from occult retrodoomists and label mates Lucifer. Beastmaker won over a lot of souls with their performance at Roadburn last year and this,  their sophomore record should go a long way to further consolidate that success.


1.      Evil One

2.      Heaven to Hell

3.      Now Howls The Beast

4.      Of God’s Creation

5.      Give Me a Sign

6.      Nature of the Damned

7.      Psychic Visions

8.      Inside the Skull

9.      Night Bird

10.  Sick Sick Demon


Label: Rise Above




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