Fans of Teutonic thrash should need little introduction to the exploits of Tankard.

These beer loving metalheads have been singing praise to their favorite grain product for more than thirty thirsty years, alongside the other German thrash fathers Kreator, Destruction and Sodom.  Even though they are oft regarded as the least known band of those four and sometimes overlooked in part due to their kind of silly, booze soaked image, they have delivered an impressive catalogue of excellent speed thrash albums with a lot more consistency in quality across their entire career than some of their more renowned peers. As expected, ‘One Foot in the Grave’ doesn’t open up any new bottles, but it will for sure quench your thirst for carefree headbanging. Some songs even carefully try to tackle some non-spirited, more serious themes like televangelism in the opening track, without coming across too preachy or attempting to be Rage Against the Machine or anything. Tankard are still fun first and foremost and that’s how we love them.



1.      Pay to Pray

2.      Arena of the True Lies

3.      Don’t Bullshit Us

4.      One Foot in the Grave

5.      Syrian Nightmare

6.      Northern Crown (Lament of the Undead King)

7.      Lock Em Up

8.      The Evil that Men Display

9.      Secret Order 1516

10.  Sole Grinder


Label: Nuclear Blast






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