Those with their hooves close to the underground might have picked up already on this Belgian bunch of devil worshippers.

Their first EP His Best Deceit’ from 2012 would have Hellhammer a run for its money in blackened nastiness, but the following ‘Anneliese’ and ‘1585-1646’  led them down an even darker path while adding some extra flesh on the bones of the compositions themselves. Their debut proper, ‘Exorkizein’, is a concept album no less about Gabriel Amorth the last-known exorcist in the Vatican who passed away last year apparently. Needless to say they’re not exactly rooting for his side in the story in his futile battle against the horned one.since the last release Viriakh has traded his bass for a mic after the original vocalist Mestema left. The four string pulses are now invoked by newcomer Iblis. This collection of songs is definitely their strongest material so far, starting out with a harrowing intro that would even give Gnaw Your Tongues goose bumps and a deeper dynamic in their pitch black death thrash with some Bathory style clean singing and slower doomy parts. Listen to Exorkizein, the power of Possession commands you…


  1. Intro
  2. Sacerdotium
  3. Infestation-Manifestation-Possession
  4. Beast of Prey
  5. In Vain
  6. Take The Oath
  7. Preacher's Death 

Label: Iron bonehead/ Invictus







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