No, this is not the solo record of some guitarist of whom you can’t seem to recall the band he plays in.

John Frum is not person at all actually; it is rather a bizarre cult from a small island in the South Pacific that arose as a divine explanation by the natives to account for all the GIs and their strange technology that suddenly landed on their shore during World War II.  It is also then now the band moniker for a technical death metal band from the US. Amongst its members we find Liam Wilson from The Dillinger Escape Plan. Their debut ‘A Stirring in the Noos’ is a labyrinthine exploration of death metal that leads you to down Morbid Angelesque dead end corridors  and lethal Ulcerate like traps until you’re running frantically in every directions in a desperate attempt to find your way out.


  1. Presage of Emptiness
  2. Pining Light
  3. Memory Palace
  4. Through Sand and Spirit
  5. Lacustrine Divination
  6. He Come
  7. Assumption of Form
  8. Wasting subtle Body



Label: Relapse




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