To the average  Jane and Joe there would not be a lot of difference between stoner, death, funeral or whatever doom subgenre you have out there.  It all sounds kind of slow like you know.

In truth, however, you won’t easily find a band that combines, for instance, pure stoner with classic Peaceville Three death doom. That is, until you’ve heard Altar of Betelgeuze. This Finnish troupe does exactly that. The songs on ‘Among the Ruins’  sound as if they have crash landed from outer space into the Nevada desert where they’ve encountered a lone wanderer that looks and talks like the spitting image of the late Layne Stayley. A few bongs later they have reached the outskirts of a cave that takes them ever deeper into the bowels of the earth as unhallowed voices bellow beneath them and the very rock shudders in a cavernous rumble…


  1. The Offering
  2. Sledge of Stones
  3. No Return
  4. New Dawn
  5. Absence of Light
  6. Advocates of Deception
  7. Among the Ruins



Label: Transcending Obscurity



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